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California is the nation’s number one state for home and business solar installations for a few good reasons and we’re going to share with you why!


Aside from being a sunny state which is great for solar energy production, California has a plethora of amazing incentives and rebates. Incentives and rebates make solar power a more affordable and viable option for most homes and business. One incentive available to all states across the board is, of course, the Income Tax Credit (ITC) which is made available by the Federal Government. This incentive alone can reduce the cost of your solar panel generation system (SPGS) by up to 30%. The Golden State also offers great incentives and rebates which you can find a few by looking towards the bottom of this page or by requesting a free quote using the link here. Although, not everyone can qualify for all of these great rebates and incentives it’s always good to know what is available and where to find more information.


Most people thinking about switching over to solar power will also need to consider what financial options are available, few know there are zero down options on a SPGS with low monthly payments with qualified credit through Green Solar Technologies. Essentially, the goal is to lower your energy costs, while you make payments on a SPGS which you will own in 10, 13, or 20 years depending on which option makes sense to you economically. Other benefits of going solar are, of course, the reduction of carbon emissions and the added equity value solar brings to your home.


If you are looking for an easy way to see which incentives, rebates, and discounts you qualify we can help you with that, Green Solar Technologies offers free home and business solar energy quotes which will give you detailed information on how much solar might cost you monthly and in total, including all the available discounts you might qualify. We are one of California’s top 3 ranked solar power installers according to SolarReviews, an authority in the solar industry, read more about it here.


Below you can find out more information on California solar incentives and rebates.


Production Incentive


State Rebate Program


Net Metering

Writer: Eddy Martinez

Aug 22, 2017 By Jorge