Residential Solar Projects

Completely installed solar panels - 14000 Watts, Las Vegas, NV
Completely installed solar panels - 5800 Watts, Ventura, CA
Completely installed solar panels - 6500 Watts, Dallas, TX
Roof top panels, 5000 Watts Phoenix, AZ
Installed solar panels - 5000 Watts , Lancaster, CA
Solar panels - 4000 Watts Safford, AZ
5000 Watts Pacific Palisades, CA, solar panels
Solar panels, 75000 Watts Denver, CO
Solar panels, 5500 Watts
Panelss, 500 Watt, Wellington, CO
Country side solar installation - 9000 W, Gardnerville, NV
Country side solar installation - 3250 W, Reno, NV

Solar projects in Los Angeles County alone help to employ hundreds workers and generate millions of dollars for the local economy and deliver clean, affordable, renewable electricity power to over 255,000 homes. Solar boosts the state’s environment protection standard as required by Clean-House energy regulation.