With the recent advancements in solar technology, homeowners can now produce their own electricity instead of depend on utility companies to power their homes. And because of the federal tax credit, going solar through the end of 2019 is extremely advantageous, potentially reducing the cost of your solar panel installation up to 30%!

A tax credit is a reduction in the amount of taxes you owe. The typical homeowner that goes solar with Green Solar Technologies pays about $30,000 for a 7 kilowatt solar installation. For such a system, a 30% federal tax credit could reduce your taxes by $9,000—and that’s not even counting other credits available or promotional offers. If you know the eligibility requirements and how to claim it, taking advantage of this credit is very easy.

NOTE: We’re not tax people, so we don’t give tax advice. The material made available on this page is used to explain the federal tax credit, and is not designed to specifically solve any unique issue. Not everyone will be eligible, so please consult a tax professional before filing your tax credit.


Which Solar Option is Right for You?

Whether you’re trying to maximize monthly energy savings or just want to make your home a bit more environmentally-friendly,
Green Solar Technologies has an option for every home and budget. Talk to us about installing a solar power system for home use.

Cash Purchase

We allow our customers to purchase their solar equipment outright in order to enjoy significant savings right away.

Loan Purchase

It’s easy to finance the equipment through one of our trusted lenders. We have a solution for every situation.

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a simple way to finance energy-efficient upgrades such as solar energy equipment. Ask our representatives more about this option!

$0 Down Financing

We offer $0 financing for our customers with approved credit. Ask us more about how we can help you finance your solar energy equipment for no money down!