Fears Going Solar

In the previous essay, we discussed some of the ways fear can get in the way of making the switch to clean solar energy. To read that essay, go here.

Solar energy has gained a lot of popularity over the past several years, but there are still millions of homeowners across the U.S. who know little about it. Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from taking advantage of this unlimited natural resource. Sooner or later we will all be going solar because it is the way of the future. Many cities around the country and around the world have already committed to 50%, 75%, and even a 100% solar energy carve-out within the next decade and for good reason—solar is so much cheaper than fossil fuels and significantly better for the environment in the long-term.

Here are a few more common fears homeowners may have about making the switch to solar and why there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

“What if I want to sell my house?”

A typical solar energy system will increase the value of your home by $15,000 or more. You can factor this into the cost of the transfer of title of the house. If you are still making payments on your system, you can either transfer the loan to the new homeowner, or keep paying it and make up the difference on the price of the property. Either way, your solar energy system holds residual value for at least the duration of the warranty which is 25 years.

“Will I be left without power?”

Your solar energy system will be designed to fulfill the average daily output of your electricity year-round. Because this amount is an average, some days you will overproduce and other days you will underproduce. For the days you overproduce, you will develop Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) which act as credit toward your next electricity bill. For months you underproduce, you will draw from the grid and only pay for that amount drawn. If you stocked up SRECs the month before, this will go against the cost you would owe for the electricity you draw from the grid. So the answer is you will never be left without power as long as the utility company is in business. Do be mindful of how much electricity you are using however. Remember, the system is designed to cover your average daily requirements. If you start using more and more electricity, you will have to take that excess from the grid, so go over your anticipated electricity needs with your Solar Consultant beforehand.

“Will the weather damage my solar panels?”

We use only the strongest and most durable American-made solar products. They can survive a Canadian blizzard, being submerged in water, temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C (which include being hit by a flame-thrower), or even being run over by military trucks. Believe me—we got you covered with quality. Ask us about Mission Solar Energy panels.

“How long before I receive a positive ROI?

Although this can vary as the sun is not equal everywhere and every utility company has its own rates, most homeowners will find their expenditure for electricity breaking even in 2–4 years, and from that point on save significantly. When you apply for a free solar quote, we will break down the cost and show you how you will save with solar over time.

“It sounds too good to be true.”

It might sound too good, but it’s certainly true! You can actually increase your home value, drastically cut electricity costs, and protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions at the same time! Not only this, but when you go solar with Green Solar Technologies, you are getting ultra-high quality materials and supporting American jobs. You have no reason to be afraid and every reason to be excited about what solar energy could do for you and your home.

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by Ged Friedman

May 23, 2019 By Geddy Friedman