Why Homeowners Choose Solar

Homeowners and the Right of Ownership

Homeowners in general understand and treat with value the right of ownership. They take pride in the responsibility that comes with owning their own property and treasure its practical advantages. They possess a sense of security and peace of mind knowing they always have a place to call home, to build a family, and to establish a life.

Most of us begin as renters and are all too familiar with the limitations and fleetingness inherent living month to month. To actually possess the title of your home is something billions strive for, but less than half ever accomplish. It requires a specific mindset to own and maintain a home. You need to think in terms of decades instead of months and to prioritize long-term sustainability over impetuous expediency that comes with renting. You are obligated to see things from the lens of a provider first and foremost, and then as the one provided. It is your nest egg, your domain, and one that provides the benefits you invest into it. So naturally you want to do all that you can to keep it as fully-functioning and independent as possible.

Going Solar—the Organic Next Step to Homeownership

Knowing this, it logically follows that the same value set inherent to a homeowner is applicable to going solar. To actually own your energy production instead of paying monthly to a utility service provider is a prerogative that falls in line with an identical mode of thinking. Naturally if you own your property, why would you not also own the ability to power it if you could? And how much do you really own your home when it is barren of electricity, save for the provisions allotted you to by your local retail electricity monopoly? Well, the times have changed the paradigm of utility company dependency and the now the homeowner has more and better options. With upgrades in photovoltaic technology from manufacturers like LG Solar, solar energy is a clear alternative as a means to power your home effectively and cheaply, and to own the right to do so.

Many homeowners don’t realize this, but a solar power generation system (SPGS) actually increases your property value by at least $20,000 without raising your tax obligations. If a homeowner installs solar on a rental property, they could factor that into the price of the rent. And even still, installing solar is actually much cheaper than one would think. The Federal Tax Credit offers up to 30% of your SPGS to be covered though your federal tax liability, plus there are a number of potential financial incentives such as utility, city, state, and the offer provided to you through your solar installer. And let’s not forget that like your monthly mortgage payments, your solar payments don’t increase. You can arrange a price amount that works within your budget and ride that out until you are a proud owner of the solar home. Then even as utility costs double, you will be immune to the increases. All in all, solar is the among the wisest of investments a homeowner can make. It brings sustainable life to an otherwise dormant, if not energy-dependent home.

See below for some excellent educational resources to more thoroughly explain the benefits of solar energy and the impact it makes.

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by Ged Friedman

May 15, 2018 By Jorge