Going solar is a courageous decision. Most of us grew up in a society where solar wasn’t an option and it was expected of you to pay in to the power company for your electricity. Over the past ten years, the implementation of solar technology has exploded and more homeowners are excited about the prospects of producing their own electricity. But sometimes as a gesture of pride—and other times as a tactic of curbing their expenditure—a homeowner will opt to do it themselves. Although we at Green Solar Technologies applaud the decision to make the switch and we are excited about all the benefits that come with it, doing it yourself can very easily turn into a catastrophe if you are not a solar installer by profession. Here are some of the reasons why it’s a much wiser decision to let the solar company be your friend when you are going solar.

Getting the system design correctly can be tricky

Not all solar panels are the same. Not all inverters are the same. How well do you know your product options? And how have you determined the proper calculations and placement of your panels? This is something an engineer department would normally handle at a solar company. If your system is too small, you won’t produce enough. If it’s too large, you may be paying for a bigger system than is needed. If the panels aren’t strategically positioned in the right places, you could be missing out on the sunlight that would be otherwise readily available to you. This is something best handled by a solar company like Green Solar Tech who is fully aware of exactly what is needed and how to prepare you to take maximal advantage of solar technology.

Installing solar panels poses hazards

This may seem obvious, but some homeowners overlook the dangers of working on their roof without a helmet and harness, without the proper tools, and high off the ground in steep positions moving around heavy materials. Those solar panels are not light! Most take two to three men to efficiently carry and lift in high places. You also face the exposure of heavy direct currents, no supervision, and numerous opportunities of serious injury. Why put yourself through this when professionals are in the business to do this for you?

Liability for roof damage

When you choose a professional solar company like Green Solar Tech to install on your home, you allow us to take the responsibility for any damages that occur on the portion of the roof that is being installed on. We provide a five year warranty giving you the peace of mind that your roof will not become a liability when you install your solar panels. But if you do it yourself, that warranty is out the window and you are in a position where you can very easily produce lasting damage to your roof. Solar companies prevent accidental punctures and provide special sealants to secure the roof as the panels are being installed. The last thing you want when you install is a roof leak—or worse, a collapsing roof. The solar installer knows what they’re doing, and best of all, they are accountable for damages as a result of the install.

Complicated electrical work required

Believe it or not, you have to be something of an electrical whiz to do this right. There is a lot of technical electrical work that usually only trained professionals can handle. You want to make sure every solar panel is independently producing its own equal amount of energy and that no wires are mismanaged. Aside from the possibility of electric shock, you can potentially damage the panels if you make a wrong move. It’s not worth the pressure and complication when professionals are there to take care of it for you.

Licensing & permitting stresses

As if the aforementioned wasn’t enough, the permitting process must be completed or all of your work will be wasted. You have to meet guidelines that will be reviewed by an inspector from the city and the utility company. You will have to obtain “Permission To Operate” (PTO) from your utility provider in order to produce your own electricity. If you do not know how to meet the necessary standards and have a working relationship with the inspectors, this could drag on for months or possibly never happen. In addition, if a utility company is offering rebates, you’ll need to know how to file for them which requires loads of paperwork and many hoops to jump through. Is it worth the headache? This could all be happening for you in the background by trained and experienced project managers as you get on with life.

You’re alone when you need help

Last but not least, when you install yourself, you are alone throughout the entire process. This includes post installation and after you have begun producing electricity. If a panel goes out, do you have support to monitor and get it back in working order? Do you have a team to help you troubleshoot and possibly come back out to fix something that went awry? One thing is certain: If you install alone you won’t, but if you install with Green Solar Tech, you’ll have all the help to secure your investment that you will need.

by Ged Friedman

May 29, 2019 By Geddy Friedman