Solar Co Ready For Decision

May 7, 2018 (LOS ANGELES)  A California solar company driving the growth of rooftop solar across the USA is now about to find itself expanding operations right in its own backyard.

Green Solar Technologies, like others in the solar industry, is anticipating a very positive development on May 9th as the California Energy Commission decides to implement the decision to require all new homes built in California include solar panels starting in 2020.

If approved as expected, the new solar mandate will:

  • Apply to all houses, condos, and apartment buildings up to three stories tall

  • Home Builders would get “compliance credits” for installing battery systems

  • Allow exemptions when homes or buildings are shaded by buildings or trees

Green Solar Technologies’s Chief Operating Officer Ed Harner believes the Commission will affirm the new solar requirements and has geared up the company’s suppliers, installers, and project managers in anticipation of increased business.

“Green Solar Technologies is a full-service, turn-key solar provider, helping homeowners achieve substantial savings on energy,” Harner said. “We also work with developers in order to install solar panels at special rates in order to give them the maximum benefits possible—including making them more affordable for the new home buyer.”

Reaching California’s carbon emission reduction goals is a challenging mission, but by providing complete design, engineering, installation, interconnection, and follow-up services, Green Solar Technologies is poised to help the Golden State meet and exceed its renewable energy objectives.

by Ged Friedman

May 7, 2018 By Jorge