Green Solar Technologies on “The Keven Cohen Show”
Full Audio of the Interview can be accessed here.

The climate for solar energy is rapidly expanding all across America. More homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of solar technology and are ditching their perennial utility providers for the more long-term rewards found in solar energy.

Heading the onslaught of new solar panel installations in America is Green Solar Technologies, a national installer based out of North Hollywood, CA. Recently its COO Edward Harner appeared on "The Keven Cohen Show" on WQXL FM "The Point" located in Columbia, South Carolina. Edward discussed at length with Host Keven Cohen everything from the growing landscape for solar to the homeowner’s right to freedom of choice.

“The sun is always shining and is the beginning of all energy in our solar system,” says Edward.  “So why not harness it and create your own power?”

This may come as common sense to those working in the renewable energy industries or those especially concerned about the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels, but now homeowners are seeing the light in more ways than one. Technology has improved dramatically over the past decade. Long spoken critics of solar are beginning to accept the economic advantages of solar energy. Now it’s not just affordable, but with utility costs rising, it’s a better deal all the way around. The return on investment for solar energy is exponential. When you go solar with GST you are offered a number of financing options leading to your installation. Over time, utility rates continue to rise as your solar energy system payment remains low, consistent, and affordable. Once the system is paid off, you enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the hassle from your utility company.

Residential solar has consistently increased its carve-out of the energy sector pie over the years. Predictions made by the International Energy Agency (IEA) attest that solar power alone will be responsible for nearly half of the entire nation’s energy supply within the next 40 years and it could be much larger. Already, Caifornia is experiencing an overload of energy production. Now more than ever, homeowners are realizing they have a choice.

Edward continued, “We always want our customers as individuals to have as much choice as they can. Everybody chooses their own car insurance, their own kind of car, or whatever else in their life, but most people have no choice when it comes to their utility company. So going solar is a way to become energy independent and it almost always makes you money in the long-run, if not also in the short-run.”

GST has made its mark in the industry by branching out and focusing more on rural communities often overlooked. By installing solar in these communities, GST is supporting rural America job growth in manufacturing as well as in installation. It also brings hope to the homeowner to know that wherever you are, solar is a real possibility for you.

by Ged Friedman

May 1, 2018 By Jorge