How Renters Can Go Solar

So you want to go solar, but you’re renting? Fear not. Whether you live in a house or apartment complex, we can still make this happen for you. But it will require only one simple, yet important step—you'll need to get your landlord on board.

Sometimes people come to us excited to go solar. They understand the environmental as well as financial benefits to this big decision, but they are not the owners of the property they live in. So how can we get you producing your own electricity straight from the photons of the sun? Well, you have already accomplished the first step. Your learned about solar and why it’s the best way to reduce your carbon footprint as well as to cut electricity costs. The next step is getting your landlord to see the light as you do . . . literally.

Discuss the Benefits of Green Energy

Your landlord may not know about the benefits of solar energy. Perhaps they do know a little about it, but were concerned it would cost too much or wasn’t reliable enough.

Here are a few things you should let them know:

  • A solar panel installation instantly increases the property value by over 4%. For a typical 10-unit building that costs $2,500,000, that would mean an immediate $100,000 increase in property value.

  • To help pay off the system, they can then prorate your rental cost to cover the price of providing your electricity. So your rent would go up a little, but you’d have no utility bill anymore! Overall, your cost of living would decrease.

  • The house or apartment will still be connected to the grid, so any excess usage would be drawn from the utility company. The landlord can get the breakdown of each unit from the utility company and use that data to add to your monthly bill if necessary. That is negotiable between the landlord and the tenants.

  • They are providing sustainable energy. The solar panels will be producing solar power long after the system is paid off. Even charging from you a discounted rate, over the long term they will actually make a profit off the solar panels. See our blog about savings over time with solar power.

  • There are numerous rebates from the utility company and incentives available, like the Solar Federal Tax Credit where the landlord can get a very large portion of the upfront investment (up to 30%, if installed by the end of 2019) to own the solar panels returned the following year at tax time.

  • They are helping the economy by upgrading to renewable energy production. When your landlord installs solar, they are assisting job growth in your city and state. A booming economy is a happy one!

  • Our American-made solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and are known for lasting over 35 years in many cases. Plus we provide a 5-year warranty on the part of the roof we install on. Leave your worries behind you.

  • Last, but not least, when they go solar, your landlord is reducing net pollution in your city and protecting the environment. What can be more important than making the land you live in, more breathable and conducive to a healthy life?

Get Started with a Free Solar Quote

Have your landlord fill out this form. One of our skilled Solar Consultants will contact them to discuss all of the benefits as well as options going solar. We look forward to helping you make your dream of powering your home with solar energy become a reality.

by Ged Friedman

Dec 3, 2019 By Geddy Friedman