When you go solar, the first and most critical step in the process is choosing the right installer. The decision you make here will favorably or negatively affect everything that follows. Choosing a reputable installer whose primary interest is your satisfaction ensures that you will have a system that is cost effective, reliable, and best suited to your personal needs.


Green Solar Technologies, a leader in the solar panel installation industry, recognizes the importance of an exceptional installation process. GST takes pride in being among the most reputable and trustworthy U.S. solar companies and in being the only solar company in the U.S. to use exclusively high-quality, American-made parts.


Materials Matter

A good indicator that you’ve picked the right installer is the quality of parts and materials that they use. Many installers, in order to cut costs, resort to using lower-quality (primarily foreign-made) solar panels and inverters (devices that convert DC current to the AC current that your home uses). While this may lower the initial price of your solar panel system, it increases the chance that your system will perform poorly and suffer breakdowns.


Low-quality solar panels are much more prone to degrade or fail over time. And they are more likely to produce less electricity than higher-quality alternatives, forcing you to rely more on costly electricity from your traditional power grid. Inverters are particularly difficult to manufacture correctly, which is why the best inverters cost a bit more. Cheaper inverters tend to suffer from performance problems and breakdowns, and as such are almost certain to cost you more in the long run.


Green Solar Technologies is the only U.S. solar panel installer that uses all American-made materials (at the fairest possible price) to ensure that our customers’ systems are of the highest quality. GST will not compromise on materials because we know that the whole is only as strong as its weakest part, and no cost-saving measure is worth jeopardizing the promise of a reliable, long-lasting and high-performing solar energy system.


The Installation Process

The first step in the solar panel installation process is an engineering site visit where the engineer with determine the site’s state of readiness. The next step is filling out paperwork for building permits and incentive program applications. Once all paperwork is completed it’s time to order the equipment and schedule the installation. The installation consists of installing the solar panels and inverters and connecting the system to your electrical box. The last steps are a final inspection and approval from your local town representative and your electric company followed by interconnection to the power grid.


Green Solar Technologies is there to perform or assist you with every step of the installation process to ensure a worry-free customer experience.



Most solar companies will offer a 10-year warranty for either equipment or workmanship. Green Solar Technologies is proud to offer a 25-year warranty for both equipment and workmanship, which reflects GST’s unwavering confidence in the superior quality of our solar installations.


Having Confidence in Your Choice

Your decision to install solar panels at your home or business is a serious commitment to a long-term investment and requires careful consideration. Green Solar Technologies is a leader in the solar panel installation industry with a proven record of excellence. Our uncompromising quality of materials, our professionalism, and our exceptional 25-year warranty will leave you feeling confident that, with us, you’ve made the right choice.

Nov 7, 2018 By Jennifer Wesley