Why Every Solar Quote is Unique

We are often approached by homeowners who want a quick and snappy quote during our first conversation. This is not possible. Anyone who provides instant quotes without due process is selling you Solar Spam. In order to understand what your solar quote means, you will have to understand the process necessary to arrive at one.

What is the Solar Quote Process?

  1. The first thing we do is discuss your interest in solar and what you expect to accomplish by making the switch. We will tell you about our company and the services we provide to help fulfill your expectations. We’ll also answer all of your questions about going solar. To learn more about this process, read the blog about Booking your FREE Solar Consultation.

  2. Next, we review your electricity bill. This is crucial as we cannot possibly guess what your system size should be. We base your solar power system on factual knowledge of your kilowatt consumption going back 6–12 months as well as discuss any adjustments anticipated moving forward. We factor all this data into your system design and estimate.

  3. Last, but not least, we need to determine the layout for the solar panels and if you are in an area that provides net metering. This is crucial to be able to experience maximal benefit for the excess solar you generate on months with more solar production than others. If you are not in an area that provides net metering, it might not be cost effective for you to make the switch at this time.

Once your system size is determined and presented to you, we will share with you any applicable rebates you qualify for as well as the Federal Tax Credit.

Getting your unique Solar Quote right

To close, patience is necessary when going solar because in order to provide accurate and useful information, we need to go through the proper steps to design a solar power system that will match your specific energy demand for decades to come.

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by Ged Friedman

Oct 18, 2019 By Geddy Friedman