Avoid Dangerous Power Shutdowns by Going Solar

Home and business owners are finding more reasons all the time to ditch their utility company. First it was to find a more sustainable energy resource. With access to fossil fuels dwindling every decade and a virtually limitless supply of photon beaming from the sun, it made sense to seek solar as an alternative energy source.

The next wave of solar advocates wanted to look for more environmentally-friendly ways to produce energy. They found by going solar they were able to cut down greenhouse emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. So, again solar was the answer.

Next, we have home and business owners concerned with having to pay escalating utility costs. Purchasers of solar power generation systems found that in just a few short years solar costs break even with power company services, and after that bring huge returns on their investment.

Now we have home and business owners who simply cannot rely on utility companies anymore to be there to provide electricity when necessary. You need to look no further than PG&E and its latest power shutdown for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in California. In order to avoid the risk of followup wildfires in dry, windy conditions, over 1 million people were left to fend for themselves without power service, some for several consecutive days.

Imagine going 24 hours without any electricity at all. All the food in your refrigerator goes bad. You are resorting to candles and flashlights to get through your house. All of your electronics are running down their batteries or not running at all. You can’t charge your cellular phone and your TV won’t turn on either. A candlelit dinner doesn’t sound so bad, but how will you prepare your food in the dark?

Now imagine this going on for three consecutive days. Then four days. Then five. This is your current power supply. This is what you are paying all that money for. Shouldn’t it be more reliable? Meanwhile the sun shines every day and most of us are doing nothing about it. Seems kind of counter-productive to me.

But it gets worse. Mrs. Willis, a happy customer of GST is on oxygen supply. Her husband is bound to a wheelchair. If her power is shut down, she would be in a desperate position to have more delivered to her each day without power. How nerve-wracking must that be for your life to weigh in the balance of that daily delivery? In fact, she has told us that her husband’s coworker’s mother became a victim of the recent power shutdown. She was on life support and was out of touch with the news. Nobody informed her about PG&E’s planned power outage. Finally when the power was cut off, she lost her life in the process. This is a tragedy that could have been averted by going solar.

Of course, most of us wil not find ourselves in such a nightmare scenario, but it just makes installing solar the obvious solution to safeguard against utility company dependency. If she was receiving solar energy, the shutdown would not have affected her as it did. She would still be supplying herself the energy that she needed through her solar panels. She would still be alive without worry of losing power because the sun never shuts off.

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by Ged Friedman

Oct 14, 2019 By Geddy Friedman