Solar Panel Installers in Portland OR

Because solar energy isn’t just a phase that you go through, you need solar installers in Portland, OR who can help you get the system you need. This growing alternative is sweeping the nation and more and more individuals just like you are taking advantage of what solar installation companies can do for them. After all, who doesn’t want to save money each month on their energy bill by doing nothing more than having solar panels installed? With solar panel installation, it’s easier than ever before to keep more money in your pocket and do something positive for the environment at the same time.

Understanding How Solar Energy Works

With traditional power, your home gets its energy from the main power grid. You pay the utility company for the power your home uses. Depending on how much power you use and the time of day you use it, the utility company will determine how much you are going to pay.

When you have out solar installers in Portland, OR install a new solar system on your home, you get to enjoy generating your own power. While your home is still connected to that same grid, you aren’t dependent upon the utility company for all your power. The amount of power your system can generate depends largely on the amount of daylight available and the overall size of your new system. Any excess power generated will go back into the grid to give your home power at night. This results in a credit on your account, referred to as net-metering.

Saving with Solar

With the help of our solar panel installers, you can lock in your electric rates and say goodbye to all of the rate hikes from the utility company each year. Instead of being hit with an astronomical bill, you can enjoy relaxing and knowing that your bill isn’t going to change much from one month to the next. Solar energy is designed to help you save money each month. While you only receive a bill once per year, you can still view the charges each month.

You also aren’t going to stress yourself out over whether you left the light on in another room or not. Instead of living in the dark, our solar installers in Portland, OR can help you embrace the light. Save money and conserve energy at the same time. Contact our team to discuss the benefits of going green today.

May 21, 2017 By admin