Solar Installers in Charlotte, NC

Our solar installers in Charlotte, NC often get asked a lot of different questions about the solar panel systems we offer. One of the questions is whether these systems are capable of working at night or not. Since the sun shines bright during the day, it makes sense that the solar panels are busy absorbing all of those rays and powering up your home with the energy it needs. But, what happens when the sun is no longer available to provide that power? Can these units still work like they did during the day?

Solar and the Overnight Hours

Since there isn’t exactly a whole lot of light at night, your solar panels aren’t going to be able to produce a lot of energy overnight. That is unless the moon is really bright. Then, you might get just a small amount of power from your system. Yet, your appliances are still getting adequate power. How is all of that possible if your system isn’t able to produce energy from the sun?

Even though our solar installers in Charlotte, NC might have installed a new system on your home, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still connected to the main power grid. The grid is similar to a bank that allows you to withdraw power during the night and even deposit power back to it during the daytime. Any extra power produced by your system is sent to the energy grid. Any energy you sell back to the utility company will come back to you in a check from your provider. At night when you need power, you can easily withdraw power from the grid.

If you live in a rural area where the electrical grid isn’t the most efficient, you can always look into adding a battery back-up. The batteries serve as your bank and store the excess power during the daytime. When your home needs energy at night, it draws from the batteries. While the panels aren’t capable of generating power around-the-clock, that doesn’t mean that isn’t going to happen somewhere down the line.

We are one of the premier solar installation companies in the area. Our solar panel installers can answer any questions you might have to help you along the way. When it comes to solar panel installation, our solar installers in Charlotte, NC have you covered. Find out more about what one of these amazing systems can do for your home today.

May 17, 2017 By admin