When the COVID-19 panic began to grow, many people feared that the solar industry would be put on hold until economies reopened and life returned to relative normalcy. With the desire to save money and minimize interactions with others, it makes sense that this was predicted once most Americans were ordered to stay at home.  


However, the past few months have shown that reality may not reflect this prediction. To the surprise of many people in the energy industry, the desire to go solar actually has increased.


New data from a consumer survey, conducted by The Harris Poll for LG, shows that consumer interest in investing in solar has actually risen since the start of the pandemic. The survey found that not only has there been a 13% increase in people who are now considering solar since the onset of Covid-19, but that increase also outweighs the 10% of people whose plans have changed away from solar now. 


Requests for solar system quotes have skyrocketed as well, rising 44% from March to April. In addition, traffic is up 50% on the solar pages of LG’s website. These customers that weren’t considering solar prior to the pandemic, but are now researching and checking into solar as a solution to questions about energy and resiliency, will likely continue to grow in numbers.


These unprecedented times likely make people think about solar a little bit differently. Saving money has always been one of the main draws of solar. But now, with the world in such a precarious state, people are looking for safety and security. Even once the pandemic subsides, homeowners will want to prepare for the possibility of another, maybe worse, crisis. 


Generating your own electricity and reducing dependence on the grid can definitely give you peace of mind for the future. Protecting your home, family, and finances is a comforting feeling. Solar panels are a great way to keep that comfort 24/7.


Luckily, Green Solar Technologies is an expert at the contactless solar process. We conduct virtual consultations with our customers, allowing us to reach people across the country without sending anyone to your home.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can be prepared for the next crisis with solar power, feel free to contact us. You can schedule a consultation with one of our solar advisers by telling us a bit about yourself here: go-solar.greensolartechnologies.com/twitter/


Stay safe!


Jun 14, 2020 By Emily Jackowitz