The solar industry has spoken. Green Solar Technologies (GST) has been ranked #1 Solar Installer in California and #4 in the nation at SolarReviews—the largest and most comprehensive customer review web source dedicated to solar installers across the United States.

GST may be at the number one spot now, but they didn’t start there. They have been working tirelessly all year to stand out among CA installers by providing full-service solar panel installations and financing options for every type of home and business owner nationwide. One thing that separates them from other installers is that their primary product manufacturer is SolarWorld USA, America’s most successful and longest-lasting solar panel manufacturer established in 1975.

GST begins the process for people looking to go solar with a start-up solar consultation. During this time, their product knowledge expert Solar Consultants educate the customer about their company, how solar power works, and answer all of their questions. It is at this point they explain of the benefits and options of going green from beginning to end.

Next, the Solar Consultants evaluate the energy demand of their customer and provide a free quote for a solar power generation system (SPGS) design tailored to meet their annual energy needs.

From there, the customer is given a proposal from a Senior Solar Advisor for a system that would eliminate their energy dependency on their utility company. Different financing options are offered including cash and various fixed-payment loan terms. Once those terms are decided upon, GST will arrange the installation, taking great care in the layout of the home or business, as well as the personal concerns of the customer. After the installation, net metering is set up so that the new solar home or business owner can monitor their energy production in real time.

That is all there is to it! The customer has gone solar with Green Solar Technologies and can then begin saving for decades to come. A lot of GST’s business comes from referrals of previous customers who have had the pleasurable experience of trading their permanently escalating utility bill for a temporary, low, fixed payment.

So it is no wonder that GST would be California’s highest ranking solar installer. They really take care of their customer from that first phone call, all the way up to the installation. And this achievement holds even greater weight by the fact that California is leading the nation with over 4.7 million homes powered by solar and over 100,000 employed in the solar industry, several times more than any other state. But perhaps another reason customers have ranked GST so high on SolarReviews is because of their remarkable accessibility post-installation. The business-customer relationship remains for the duration of its 25 year warranties. If a customer is having trouble with a panel or with monitoring their energy production, GST is there to make sure the customer gets the most out of his or her investment.

Ged Friedman, Marketing and Reputation Mgt for GST says “We are very much involved with our customers for the entire solar process. And that includes even after their system is installed. We understand our reputation and success moving forward depend not only on educating the customer and providing them the best renewable energy alternatives, but also in keeping them happy for many years into the future. This means listening to their concerns and doing all that we can to handle them as soon as possible.”

Now with certified “Pre-Screened Solar Pro” status, GST has also achieved a Top 10 ranking among CA installers of All-Time and a Top 35 ranking for Most Reviewed Installers of All-Time with a 4.8+ star customer rating.

Ged continues, “The success we have had as a company thus far is merely foreshadowing what is possible in the future. The solar industry is open wide and we are educating more people and helping positively change their lives every day.”

Sep 26, 2017 By Jorge