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Going green means saving green. Listed here are seven major companies who know this quite well. Not only are they saving money by investing in solar energy and other alternative green renewable energy alternatives, but they are also taking this green effort to the next level by setting a standard in their respective industry.


1. General Motors


GM plans to meet the energy requirements of 350 operations in 59 countries with renewable energy by 2050. They also plan to introduce more electric vehicles with responsible manufacturing. GM is among a handful of vehicle manufacturers in the US to go the green route.

“We understand that the world is changing and we are making bold moves to meet customer needs, conserve the resources our business relies on, and decarbonize the automotive industry.”  -David Tulauskas, GM’s Director of Sustainability

2. Adobe


Developers of digital creative software have committed to powering its operations and delivery of its cloud-based services solely with renewable electricity by 2035. If there is one business that solar company Green Solar Technologies has confidence in reaching this goal, it’s Adobe! We’re looking forward to hearing about their success.


“Becoming 100% renewable has been part of our energy plan for some time. In the past five years, we have lowered our energy consumption and subsequent emissions, reaching carbon neutrality in 2013. But this is not enough. Our long-term goal is to power our operations and digital delivery of products with 100% renewable energy by 2035. We'll run entirely on renewable electricity. Our plans will not only minimize emissions from our own operations, but help power local communities with renewable energy through creative partnerships. We want to create a ripple effect starting with the locations in which Adobe operates, realizing economic, health, and climate benefits for all.”  -Michelle Crozier Yates, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Executive Director of Adobe Foundation


3. Facebook


The social media network based in Menlo Park, CA. has committed to a goal of producing 50% clean renewable energy for its data centers in 2018 and has a long-term goal to have 100% clean and renewable in the future. Can they do it? If they do, over 1 billion users will be along for the ride. We are watching you Zuck!


4. Amalgamated Bank


Amalgamated Bank joined RE100, an organization whose mission is to encourage renewable energy for business and reach energy goals within agreed upon timelines. Amalgamated Bank has been an advocate of green renewable energy and has made an effort  to be vocal in their industry for this cause.


5. Bloomberg


Trusted news source Bloomberg delivers business and financial information. Based in the US, Bloomberg has agreed to join the green energy movement and set a goal to be operating with 100% renewable energy by 2025. We can’t wait to hear the news about that in their headlines!


6. Apple


Computer manufacturing juggernaut Apple has made a commitment to power its operations via renewable energy and to reach a 100% transition by 2020. They are already 93% of the way to this goal. It’s pretty safe to say they will likely meet their goal on time!

7. Bank of America


Bank of America has set a goal to only purchase energy that comes from renewable sources by 2020. With all these major business leading the way in green energy efforts, it will be interesting to see which other business in these same industries do the same or choose to stay where they are with their energy needs. We believe that the companies that move in the direction of green energy will grow at a more rapid pace than their competitors due to the reduced cost of operations, leading to more jobs and better ecological contributions. If you are looking for your own energy savings, download our eBook Summer Energy Saver! It's a great informational resource that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by the end of the year.


by Eddy Martinez

Aug 7, 2017 By admin