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For those who have wanted to go solar for years but have held back for one reason or another, we have compiled a short but comprehensive list of why Summer 2017 is your year to “Go Solar.”


Solar Incentives

If you were interested enough to click through to this blog, chances are you already know what a solar incentive is, but what you might not know is that these incentives—which are provided by the US Government, the state, and utility companies—are running out due to limited funding and time deadlines. Essentially, you better find out if you are entitled to any incentives or work with a solar company to see what you might qualify for!

Although every incentive offer differs from one another, some of the most effective incentives are running out, including the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which currently offers a 30% dollar for dollar discount off the total cost of a solar panel generation system as of this month, July 2017. This incentive will dwindle down in the percentage of savings in the coming years before being completely phased out.


Competition For Your Business

The solar industry is booming right now, and this is a very good thing for consumers. Many solar businesses (including Green Solar Technologies) are helping families and businesses make the transition from being stuck with their utility company to being energy independent and part of the green renewable energy movement.

What this means is that competition is stiff and savings and offers abound, such as our $1,000 Going Solar Bonus which you can learn more about here. Offer ends September 4th, 2017. Our offer doesn’t only come with a $1,000 Going Solar Bonus, it also comes with a peace-of-mind 25-year warranty from our solar panel manufacturer.


Potential Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

Not every state or utility company offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) but if you are one of the fortunate ones that are eligible, going solar makes the most sense to get started in the summer. Why? Because you have the most potential to produce more solar energy certificates in the summer!

Here’s how it works. SRECs are a solar incentive that allows homeowners to sell certificates to their utility. A homeowner will earn one SREC for every 1000 kilowatt hours (kWhs) produced by their solar panel system. An SREC can be worth as much as $200 or more in certain markets.



With solar incentives dwindling, SRECs which can be generated more effectively during the summer and great limited offers such as our "Solar Summer Sale 2017" couldn’t be a better time to gain energy independence or at least get a free solar quote and hear about pricing, zero down options, and our U.S. manufactured products.


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Writer: Eddy Martinez

Jul 11, 2017 By admin