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Solar Panel Installation in Goodman, MO - 2

One of the main reasons why homeowners contact our solar installers in Goodman, MO is to help them save money on their energy bill. For this homeowner, it wasn’t any different. While he was originally referred to us from another client, he hadn’t had success getting a system installed in the past. So, he was a little skeptical about whether we would be able to help him or not. He wanted to have one of these systems installed for quite some time, but wasn’t able to do so until recently. He had contacted other solar installation companies, but no one was able to get the job done. That is until our solar panel installers came out and took a look at his home.

We quickly went to work drawing up a sketch outlining where the new system would go and how many panels were needed to get the job done for him. Then, we scheduled the solar panel installation. We arrived ready to install the roof mount system, but had to end up switching to a ground mount system instead because of the age of the home. While we wanted to help him save as much money as possible, we also wanted to protect his home. His new ground mount system consists of Solar Edge Optimizers, a Solar Edge Inverter and Solar World 285-Watt panels.

Once our solar installers in Goodman, MO had everything installed, we went through how everything worked to make sure he understood what to expect from his system. He is now able to save money on his energy bill each month and enjoys knowing that his investment is going to keep giving back for years to come. He is so happy with his new system that he is even referring people to us so that we can help them out as well.

Our team is working hard to help others go green and enjoy the savings. Even though another company might have told you no in the past, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help. Contact our solar installers in Goodman, MO today to let us see what we can do for you. It might surprise you at just how much we are able to get done.

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