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Solar Panel Installation in Godley, TX - 2

Even though this homeowner had wanted a solar system for quite some time, he had problems getting any of the solar installers in Godley, TX to actually get the job done. This was largely in part due to his metal roof. Many of the other solar installation companies wouldn’t even think about putting a system in for him, but that wasn’t the case with our team of professionals. We take the time to listen to our customers and figure out what we can do to help them. Even though other installation companies told him no, we told him yes.

You won’t find our team turning someone down just because they have a metal roof. Instead, we will figure out a creative solution to get the solar panel installation complete and give the homeowner what they want, without sacrificing quality. Our solar panel installers pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service every step of the way, without sacrificing quality just for the sake of getting a job done.

After we had the chance to look at the roof on this home, we ended up determining that we would be able to install a roof mount system on this metal roof. We installed Solar World Black on Black 285-Watt solar panels, Solar Edge Optimizers and an Enphase Inverter. Because of the dark color of the metal roof, these panels blended in rather nicely and helped create a streamlined look.

Our solar installers in Godley, TX work hard to deliver the results our customers want. Now, instead of constantly being turned by local installers, this homeowner is enjoying saving money on his energy bill each month. In fact, he has been able to cut his bill almost in half thanks to our team of professionals who took the time to help him get what he wanted. Not only did he get the system he wanted, but he loves knowing that he is giving back to the planet at the same time.

If you are ready to take the step toward going green or you are just tired of being turned down by other installation companies, give us a call. Our solar installers in Godley, TX will come out and see what we can do for you. We are confident that we can figure out a solar system that is going to work for your home and your budget.

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