Solar Panel Installation in Union, SC

Our solar installers in Union, SC helped these homeowners make their perfect home even better with the help of a new solar system. The family moved into the home five years ago. While they loved the home itself, the high utility bills were frustrating and causing them to forgo being able to use their air conditioning system during the summer. When you live in South Carolina, the summer heat can be pretty intense, so not being able to use the air conditioning was making it almost unbearable. But, they didn’t really have much choice.

As they looked through the area for solar installation companies, they ended up finding our team. We headed out to their home to see what we could do for them. They knew they needed to take action quickly because their utility bill wasn’t getting any better from one year to the next. Our team wanted to see what we could do to get them the solar panel installation they needed at a price that worked for their budget. We worked with the homeowners to come up with a design that we felt would work the best for their needs.

In the end, our solar installers in Union, SC installed SolarWorld 285-Watt Panels, SolarEdge Optimizers and a SolarEdge Inverter on their roof. Now, they are able to enjoy using their air conditioning system during the summer without feeling like they aren’t going to be able to afford the monthly energy bill. They were ecstatic at the results from their new solar system and had no idea just how affordable solar energy could be.

If you don’t think you can afford a new solar system for your home, our solar panel installers can go over some of the different options available to you. You might be surprised at just how many options there are to help you save money and get the system of your dreams. We take the time to work with the customer to get them the system they need without overspending their budget. Give us a call to speak with one of our solar installers in Union, SC to see what we can do for you.

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