Solar Panel Installation in Truth or Consequences, NM - 2

Because this homeowner was interested in going completely green, he called upon our solar installers in Truth or Consequences, NM to come out and take a look at his property. So, we scheduled a time that worked with his schedule for the evaluation. Our solar panel installers took the time to walk around the property to get an ideal of spacing, shading and what we were going to need to get the job done. We then came up with a plan that was designed to deliver what the homeowner wanted to help him transform his home into a green home.

While some solar panel installation projects are a little simpler than others, that wasn’t the case here. It took more than the standard installation to get the job done. We had to go through 150-foot of trenching and a lot of tedious electrical wiring to get his new roof mount system installed on his metal roof. By the time we were done, we had installed Solar Edge Optimizers, a Solar Edge Inverter and Solar World 285-Watt panels. We made sure everything was done according to building codes to prevent issues upon inspection.

Our solar installers in Truth or Consequences, NM wanted to make sure everything was done to the homeowners’ satisfaction. Now, he is enjoying saving money and knowing that he is one step closer to having a home that is completely green. With his new system, he has been able to save a decent amount on his energy bill already. He hopes those savings will continue to add up as he makes other improvements around the home. His new roof mount system was just one piece of the puzzle to get the process underway.

When other solar installation companies didn’t want to mess with the extra legwork involved, our team stepped in and got the job done. We are dedicated to helping our homeowners get the system they want installed in the shortest amount of time possible. If you are ready to take the next step toward going green or just want more information on one of these systems, give our solar installers in Truth or Consequences, NM a call to schedule your consultation and let us see what we can do for you.

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