St. Charles, MO Solar Panel Installation - 1

Our solar installers in St. Charles, MO helped this homeowner take advantage of the beautiful sun that the area has to offer. We took the time to meet with the homeowner and discuss what it is that they were looking for so we could come up with a plan of action best designed to meet their needs. It started by sending our solar panel installers out to the home to assess the property layout and determine how many panels were needed and how much shade there was around the home.

Once we knew what needed to be done, we set up the solar panel installation appointment to begin the process. To begin, our team of professionals had to file a homeowner association application to obtain approval from them. Then, we proceeded to obtain the necessary city permits and interconnection approvals. We wanted to make sure everything was in order to prevent any fines being imposed on the homeowner during the installation process. Since our team handled everything required during the installation process, the homeowner didn’t have to do any additional legwork on their end.

At Green Solar Technologies, we installed 27 Solar World 260-Watt panels on the asphalt shingles on this home. This roof mount system was designed to help the homeowner maximize savings and take advantage of the sun around the area. We also installed a Solar Edge Inverter and Solar Edge Optimizers to help ensure the homeowner got to take advantage of the full power of their new solar system.

With these roof mount panels in place from our solar installers in St. Charles, MO, the homeowner has been able to take advantage of the monthly savings and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing they are doing their part to give back to the planet. The whole process was extremely smooth and efficient, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their new system in no time. We worked hard to get everything done as quickly as possible while complying with all the applicable local and state laws. The savings alone are helping this homeowner pay for their new system.

Our solar installers in St. Charles, MO are ready to work for you and your needs. If you need someone who can handle your new install in the most efficient manner possible, our team at Green Solar Technologies is here to help. Saving money has never been as simple and streamlined as it is when you hire our team to help.

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