Solar Panel Installation in Paris, TX - 3

Whatever your reasoning for installing a new solar system, it is always best to turn to solar installers in Paris, TX to make sure the job is done right. There are a lot of specifics involved in the solar panel installation. While most people turn to our team of solar panel installers to come in and take care of the installation from start to finish, that wasn’t the case with this homeowner. This solar panel installation was different in that the homeowner did some of the work on his own.

He ended up making the decision to complete all of the ground mount prep work on his own. Instead of dealing with solar installation companies, he wanted to make the process as simple and effortless as possible. It was also a great way to save some money along the way. While this isn’t something that everyone can do, it definitely worked in this homeowner’s favor. Because of the work he did, we were able to come in and lay the panels quickly and easily. In total, we ended up installing 34 Solar World 285-Watt modules to help him start saving money.

Everything passed inspection with flying colors. In fact, the inspector said it was a textbook install. Between our team of solar installers in Paris, TX and the homeowner, we had everything completed in record time. He is now enjoying saving money and relishing in the fact that his panels are paying for themselves with each passing month. Our team also helped him with some of the different rebates that were available to help defray the cost of the panels even further.

The new solar system has helped cut his monthly energy bill dramatically, plus, he can enjoy knowing that he is doing his part to help the planet by going green. Because not every homeowner is equipped to handle the prep work like this homeowner did, our team of professionals offers complete installs. We take care of everything from the permits to the installation and clean-up. Our solar installers in Paris, TX are dedicated to helping you go green in no time. Give us a call to schedule a consultation to see what we can do for you.

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