Solar Panel Installation in Delhi, CA - 9

Our solar installers in Delhi, CA have helped countless individuals take advantage of the savings that come from having a new solar system installed. And, things weren’t any different for this homeowner. He contacted us wanting to find out more information about the different systems we had to offer. So, we set up a time to have our solar panel installers head out to his home to take a look at the layout of his property and how much shade was in the area.

Upon arrival, we started by discussing what it was that the homeowner wanted to achieve. It was important that we had a sound understanding of what we needed to do to bring the homeowner’s request to light. Then, we walked around the property to get an idea of where to place the panels and how many we were going to need to maximize the savings. Once we had everything figured out, we scheduled a time to complete the solar panel installation.

Our solar installers in Delhi, CA arrived on the day of the install ready to get everything set up and operational in the shortest amount of time possible. We ended up installing Solar World Black on Black 285-Watt modules, a Solar Edge Inverter and Solar Edge Optimizers. This roof mount system was designed to store around 5kW of energy per day, thus helping the homeowner cut his bill in half.

We were able to install the new roof mount system in no time, and now, the homeowner gets to enjoy saving money on his energy bill each month. Not only does his new system save him money year-round, but it lays almost flush with the roof creating a smooth and streamlined appearance. The homeowner is extremely pleased with the way the new system looks and is happy with his decision to go green.

Our team prides themselves on being one of the premier solar installation companies for people in the area. We take the time to listen to the homeowner and develop a plan of action designed with their needs in mind. If you would like to learn more about how solar panels can benefit you and your home, take a moment to speak with our solar installers in Delhi, CA today.

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