Kelseyvile, CA Solar Panel Installation - 3

Many are turning to solar panel installation in Kelseyville, CA to do their part to save the planet. Things were no different for this homeowner. They had already made a few changes around the house such as swapping out the appliances for more energy-efficient ones and changing the lightbulbs to the energy saver ones, but they wanted to do more. That’s when they contacted our solar panel company to see what we could do for them. We sent our solar panel installers out to the home to take a look at the property and determine what needed to be done.

After looking everything over, we decided to go with a roof mount solar panel installation in Kelseyville, CA. The black solar panels complemented the existing roof nicely and made the project more aesthetically appealing. Now, the homeowner is able to enjoy storing 6kW of energy per day and saving the planet at the same time. This was the biggest investment they have made thus far, but it is paying off big time. If you would like to do your part to save the planet, contact our solar installers today to discuss solar panel installation in Kelseyville, CA today.

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