Pinetops, North Carolina homeowner Steve had a great experience installing his solar panels with Green Solar Technologies. He was very impressed with the knowledge the consultants had from the very beginning and was able to get all of his questions answered. The salesmen explained all of the products and was not pushy. The installation was efficient and the clean-up process went smoothly.

Now excited with his new energy producing powerhouse, Steve is more than happy to share his GST experience and endorsement with anyone he comes in contact with.

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I was very impressed
The experience with Green Solar was very fulfilling. No questions unanswered. As good as anyone I tried to work with, especially on a major project. Very informative. The salesmen explained all of the products. That was one of the things that impressed me to start with. No forceful salesman trying to push anything off on you... making sure that you didn't have any unanswered concerns. I was very impressed.
I was very impressed

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