Double Solar Panel Installation in Colorado Springs, CO - 2

Not all solar panel installations in Colorado Springs, CO are the same. While many homeowners simply want the one system installed and connected to their energy meter, others want more. That’s the case with this homeowner. When he first talked with our solar installers, he told us he wanted two different roof mounted systems for his two individual meters. We went over everything with him to determine what was going to work the best for his individual needs. Once we had everything in order, we set up the solar panel installation in Colorado Springs, CO.

While this project was a little more complex, our solar panel installers were able to help him get the job done. We ended up installing two separate systems with each one being connected to its own meter. This unique system is helping the homeowner save big time on his monthly energy bills and significantly reduce his carbon footprint. We were able to take his unique situation and turn it into something amazing. Regardless of what your situation might be, you can count on our team to help you get the job done. Let us help you complete your solar panel installation in Colorado Springs, CO today.

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