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Mike Yanez Testimonial – Sunland, CA

Mike had enough of his high electricity costs and wanted to look into other options. After considering several other solar installers, he chose Green Solar Technologies because of the pricing and solid plan for the arrangement of his solar panels. He was exceptionally surprised when the installation was complete in one day without issues.

Mike is happy now to not only save a lot of money each month on his electricity bills, but he is proud to be reducing his carbon footprint by using renewable energy. He proudly recommends GST as his first choice for solar technology.

Ian Harris Testimonial – Los Angeles, CA

When Los Angeles comedian Ian Harris decided to go solar, he was worried that the aging of his century-old house would make that impossible. His roof had layers of shingles that needed to be replaced and he wasn’t able to put down the thousands needed to get that done in addition to the price of the solar power system. After getting a quote from Green Solar Technologies, he was able to get his roof and the solar for less than the standard price of the solar alone. In less than 2 weeks, his roof construction and solar installation were complete.

Now Ian is producing more energy than he was buying from his utility company and has already referred several neighbors to join the Green Solar Revolution.

Julie Jordan Testimonial – Lancaster, CA

Since the 1980s, Julie of Lancaster, California and her husband wanted to go solar but the price was never right. After discovering Green Solar Technologies this year through her friend, she called in for a free solar consultation to see if the costs had gone down. Julie was very satisfied to have all of her questions answered and decided the time was finally right for going green.

Now with her electricity bill close to zero, she has the peace of mind to know that she is producing her own energy. She also takes great comfort in the solid warranty that GST provides and regularly refers her friends to make the switch to solar.


Operational Excellence

Quality stems from well-designed products. To ensure consistent, reliable solar excellence, every SolarWorld solar panel is held to the most stringent levels of quality control. Our manufacturing is completely vertically integrated, from crystal growing and wafer cutting to cell processing and panel assembly, which allows us to closely control every step of the solar value chain.

SolarWorld is independently certified by a multitude of agencies and organizations to ensure we meet and surpass stringent national and international standards. These authoritative performance ratings, certifications and standards consistently confirm what we already know: from sourcing the highest quality materials and adopting sophisticated manufacturing processes to engineering custom-designed installations, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence time and again.