Solar Panel Installation in Midland, TX - 2

Because of all the sun Texas gets, many are turning to our solar installers in Midland, TX to come out and complete a solar panel installation for them. With one of these systems installed, many are able to start saving money and reducing their total energy costs by half. We aren’t like other solar installation companies. Our team has installed systems on homes that other companies wouldn’t bother with. We work hard to make sure you get the system you desire at a price that works for you. That’s exactly what our solar panel installers were able to do for this homeowner.

For this particular project, our solar installers in Midland, TX installed 6.38kW residential solar panels on the roof of the home. We were able to come in and get the job done fairly quickly, and the new panels blend in nicely with the existing roof on the home. Now, they are able to enjoy generating 6kW of energy per day. Regardless of what it is that you are looking to have done, we can help you start saving money in no time. Contact our solar installers in Midland, TX for more information about what we have to offer you.

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