California is well-known for its sunshine, making solar panel installers near Santa Rosa, CA pretty popular. Our team of experienced solar panel technicians is eager to assist you with harvesting the sun for your energy needs. If you are tired of spending tons of money on home heating and cooling costs, you might want to consider solar panel installation near Santa Rosa, CA. After installing a new solar system, your bill could easily be sliced in half if not more. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that you will soon have access to the best solutions in the area. We know just how important improving the energy efficiency of a home can be.

Most California homes will absorb about 550 kilowatt hours of energy every month. A typical solar panel system can save about 6 kilowatt hours of energy per day, so the savings can be seen almost immediately. While the actual amount will vary per home, some factors such as size, placement, and system type can increase efficiency. A standard system can have a huge impact on the next month’s utility bill. In fact, some homeowners are surprised to find their utility bills are completely gone and their utility providers actually wind up owing them money.

Installing a new solar panel system doesn’t have to be a chore. Our experienced technicians do their best to take out most of the work for homeowners. After contacting one of our solar panel installers near Santa Rosa, CA, we make an appointment to visit you in person. This allows us to get a better idea of your home’s unique layout and shading so that we can make more accurate suggestions. The technician will find the best products available to help you maximize your savings and meet your energy goals. We then make a sketch of your new solar panels so you know exactly where they are going before we schedule your custom installation.

Our solar panel installers near Santa Rosa, CA are an awesome resource for homeowners that are trying to find more ways to go green. Our technicians can explain every option available to your home, allowing you to make a solid decision regarding your investment. We can even help you find rebates to offset some of the costs. Contact us today to learn more about solar panel installation from our solar panel contractors near Santa Rosa, CA.

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