Roof Mount Solar Panel Installation in Goodman, MO - 2
Like many others in the area, this homeowner contacted our team of solar installers in Goodman, MO to find out how he could reduce his energy bill. Many of the other solar installation companies had told him that there was no way he was going to be able to get a system installed. While each one had their own reason for not being able to install the system, he wasn’t about to give up. He kept contacting local solar panel installers to find one who was willing to get the job done. That was when he found us. He explained what it was that he was looking for and what he was looking to spend. We set up an appointment to head out and take a look at the property to determine what we needed to do to get the job done. The homeowner showed us around his property so we could determine what type of system was going to work best considering the layout of the home, shading and overall size of the property. We ended up determining that a roof mount system was going to work the best for his situation. We scheduled the solar panel installation appointment and went to work getting everything ready. Our solar installers in Goodman, MO arrived on time and ready to get to work. We ended up installing Solar World 285-Watt Solar Panels, Solar Edge Optimizers and a Solar Edge Inverter. Once we got everything hooked up, we went over how the system worked and what the homeowner could expect. Now, he is able to enjoy saving hundreds on his utility bill each month. Even though other solar installers in Goodman, MO told him it wasn’t an option, we were able to make it happen. He is extremely pleased with his new system and has already referred a few of his friends to us as well. Just because one company might not be able to get the job done, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others who can’t. If you are tired of not being able to find someone to come in and install your new system, give our team a call to see what we can do for you.