Solar Panel Installation in Richmond, TX - Right View Closeup

Jason from Richmond, Texas has a fresh new roof mount solar panel installation by Green Solar Technologies. He expressed satisfaction with the quality of the solar panels by SolarWorld, the professionalism by sales team and project managers, and his overall experience going solar. He was especially happy with the teamwork of the installation team carrying out the installation. All permits were handled by GST and his installation was taken care of very quickly and effectively. Now Jason is energy independent!

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Green Solar Technologies Reviews
The experience was really easy. The project manager was assigned and financing was taken care of. Green Solar Technologies designed the project rather quickly—just a few days after the initial call. There was nothing to it. All that it took was a phone call. Going solar was something I was looking into for some time. Once I got in touch with Green Solar, they handled it all. The biggest deciding factor for me was the cost. I looked into a couple other companies but the system I have with Green Solar is actually cheaper even though it is bigger. The installers did a wonderful job and kept the place clean. I was happy that the panels were installed in 12 hours over two days and everything is working fine. I have already recommended Green Solar and will continue to do so.

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