California gets ample amounts of sunshine each day, which is why many turn to trusted solar panel installers near Chico CA to help them take advantage of the sun. If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on your energy bill each month just to keep your home at the right temperature, you need to check out solar panel installation near Chico CA. In doing so, you could be on your way to cutting your energy bill in half. The savings on your monthly utility bills alone could help you pay for your new solar system and still put money in your pocket. Our solar panel contractors near Chico CA understand the importance of saving money and will do everything in their power to help you do just that.

Most homeowners find themselves using over 550kW hours of energy each month. With a solar system in place, you could store upwards of 6kW hours of energy each day, if not more. The amount of energy your system can store depends largely in part on how big your home is, the amount of energy you use, the amount of sun available to your home and the type of system you have installed. Before you know it, you could end up eliminating your energy bill completely and getting money back from the energy company. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

It all starts with your calling upon our solar panel installers near Chico CA to come out and assess your home. We have to take a look at everything to get an idea of what it is that we are working with. This allows us to recommend the best system for your home and budgetary needs. We will draw up a sketch that outlines where we are going to place the panels and what you can expect during the process. Once you are ready to proceed, we will schedule an installation appointment to get your new system up and running.

Our team of solar panel installers near Chico CA has helped countless individuals just like you go green and start saving money. We can go over some of the different options available and even discuss the rebates that are available when you install a new solar system on your home. Contact our team of specialists today to discuss what we can do for you and your home.

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