Green Solar Technologies Is Proud To Serve The Cannabis Industry

Green Solar Technologies is proud to serve the growing legal Cannabis industry. We understand the unique challenges faced by growers and manufacturers including the fact that they need to pay federal taxes, yet cannot deposit funds in traditional banking institutions.

A solar energy system can provide an effective way to save money and minimize your federal taxes while allowing you a safe and secure place to invest your money—and get a tremendous return on investment. Solar can help you grow your business.

The IRS code allows for expensing all costs that fall into the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) category of your business. For growers, this can include the cost of soil, seed, lamps, and water. For manufacturers of oils, edibles, and other processed marijuana products, it can include containers, machinery, and raw goods. For both growers and manufacturers, electricity is oftentimes the largest expense in COGS!

Let us educate you on solar NOW so that you can take advantage of state and federal tax incentives, utility rebates, and promotional offers that can offset the cost of solar by up to 50%.

Grow with power from the sun. Go solar and save.

Installing Solar For The Cannabis Industry

Solar is the cleanest and most cost-effective form of energy available. We can install a solar power system to support the following cannabis farms or businesses:

  • Large outdoor stations
  • Hobby & Commercial Greenhouses
  • High-output warehouses
  • Small dispensaries in the city
  • Cannabis manufacturing facilities
  • Virtually any other type of cannabis business

Green Solar Technologies has the experience and the know-how to efficiently power your cannabis business, regardless of type. Even if your plants are fed by direct sunlight, it pays to harness the sun as the source of all your electricity needs. GST can install rooftop as well as  ground-mounted solar energy arrays to help power your irrigation, housing, and other equipment conveniently and effectively. Keep your cannabis farms green by employing renewable energy. Maintain your cannabis farm at low cost while producing a positive impact on the environment.

How The Federal Tax Credit Works

With recent advancements in solar technology, home and business owners can now produce their own electricity instead of depending on utility companies. And because of the Federal Tax Credit, going solar through the end of 2019 is extremely advantageous, potentially reducing the cost of your solar panel installation by up to 30%!

A tax credit is a reduction in the amount of taxes you owe. The typical solar energy system with Green Solar Technologies costs approximately $30,000 for a 6 kilowatt installation. For such a system, a 30% federal tax credit could reduce your taxes by $9,000—and that’s not even counting promotional offers or other credits that may be available. If you know the eligibility requirements and how to claim them, taking advantage of this credit is very easy.

NOTE: We’re not tax people, so we don’t give tax advice. The material made available on this page is used to explain the federal tax credit, and is not designed to specifically solve any unique issue. Not everyone will be eligible, so please consult a tax professional before filing your tax credit.

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Beat Your Rising Energy Costs

The cost of electricity has been rising steadily for the past decade at approximately 5% per year nationally.  Investment in a solar energy system will significantly reduce your dependency on traditional utility companies and save you upwards of five times your initial investment over the lifetime of your system.

One of the great benefits of going solar is that you will get to own the source of energy on which you rely. Much like paying a mortgage to own a home, paying a finance term to own your solar energy system is significantly advantageous, especially in the long-term. As electricity rates continue to go up every year, your cost of solar is fixed and temporary.

When you complete the payments on the system, the only bill you may have will be a small grid connectivity fee and the cost of whatever energy you draw from the grid that may be in excess of what your solar energy system produces. By choosing to power your property with clean solar energy, you can keep tens of thousands of pounds of carbon from entering our air every year. Going solar really makes a difference!

Learn more about the cost-saving benefits of solar with your Free Solar Consultation.