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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Posted on Nov 8, 2018

Remember when you were in school and your teacher assigned you a book report that wasn’t due for two weeks? Did you rush home and knock out the report right away? Of course not. You waited until the day before the report was due, and then rushed together a couple of pages that were just good enough to get you a passing grade. Unfortunately we carry some of the bad habits from our youth into our adulthood. The cost of procrastination is much more expensive as we get older, but it doesn’t stop it from happening. “I need to go to the dentist” or “I should see a doctor about this” are phrases that are uttered thousands of times daily. A phrase that is becoming more popular is “I should look into solar.” And while a lot of people are moving away from electric company dependence and toward self-generated, clean, renewable energy, a lot of people are...

Your Solar Energy System is Only as Good as Your Installer

Posted on Nov 7, 2018

When you go solar, the first and most critical step in the process is choosing the right installer. The decision you make here will favorably or negatively affect everything that follows. Choosing a reputable installer whose primary interest is your satisfaction ensures that you will have a system that is cost effective, reliable, and best suited to your personal needs.

Green Solar Technologies, a leader in the solar panel installation industry, recognizes the importance of an exceptional installation process. GST takes pride in being among the most reputable and trustworthy U.S. solar companies and in being the only solar company in the U.S. to use exclusively high-quality, American-made parts.

Materials Matter

A good indicator that you’ve picked the right installer is the quality...

The Shocking Truth About Solar Energy

Posted on Nov 6, 2018

The End of the Fossil Fuel Age

We are living in the waning last days of the energy sector powered by fossil fuel dependency . For the better part of the past 150 years, substances like coal, oil, and natural gas have been the status quo energy sources of the world. Over the past few decades, we have heard about solar as a clean energy alternative, but we’ve largely treated it like some type of sorcery or mysterious devil’s power. But is it really that strange? The reality may SHOCK you...

A World of Solar Dependency

Consider this: The sun warms the planet, drives the hydrologic cycle, and makes all of life on earth possible. The amount of solar energy received on earth's surface is affected by the angle of the sun relative to the earth, the output of the sun, and the cyclic...

Sketchy Solar Companies Tainting the Industry with False Claims

Posted on Nov 2, 2018

As a solar industry marketing and media veteran of over 5 years, I have been very much in tune with the substantial benefits solar can offer. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that, presumably to provide a sales proposition unique from other solar companies, are making grossly deceptive claims and promises. They do this to generate responses, then spin their claims once a prospect connects with them to learn more. This bait-and-switch practice of generating responses is a short-term strategy that will turn off potential customers of that company and of the solar industry as a whole (guilt by association). I continuously see and hear multiple advertising messages for solar that deceive prospective customers into believing that solar, which legitimately offers many superlative advantages, is something it is not.

False claims being...

Future of Arizona’s Solar Energy Put in the Hands of Voters

Posted on Oct 31, 2018

Arizona could be the next state to establish a statewide goal for the increased use of renewable energy. In the upcoming 2018 midterm elections Arizona residents will have the opportunity to vote on Proposition 127, a measure that, according to cleanhealthyaz.com, would take advantage of Arizona’s climate and “gradually increase the amount of our energy that utilities get from renewable sources, like solar and wind, to 50% by 2030—up from 15% today.” The measure would also require that Arizona draw 10% of all energy from distributed sources like rooftop solar panels.

According to the Arizona Renewable Energy Assessment, “Arizona is thought by many to have relatively limited opportunities for comparatively lower cost renewables, such as wind, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric.” This leaves solar holding the greatest promise for Arizona’s future renewable energy growth....

SEIA Focus on New Solar Automated Permit Processing Program

Posted on Oct 1, 2018

SEIA Solar Permitting Process

The focus of a new initiative in the U.S. will be its $1 per Watt soft costs for residential PV systems. The Solar Foundation and The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) are set to activate the new Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP) program on the first day of the SPI 2018 event.

The goal of this initiative is to reduce financial stagnation and processing difficulties with regards to permitting and inspections for both solar production and energy storage. It will include a new certification process for installers and for key components which is intended to make the process more fluid for homeowners.

“The solar permitting process could greatly benefit with attention to what is causing delays and difficulty during the solar panel installation process. By reforming this process, solar will become more convenient and affordable, especially for...

New LADWP Home Insulation Rebate Program

Posted on Sep 20, 2018


LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have announced a $100 million home insulation rebate program Friday. Its goal is to reduce energy consumption and cut DWP bills.

Garcetti suggested that adding insulation will reduce usage of air-conditioning and reduce pressure on the city’s power grid.

“We are here to help people shrink their bills and make their homes more comfortable,” Garcetti said. “This insulation rebate program will help take pressure off the electrical grid, which is increasingly stressed by a warming climate, so we can keep reducing the number of power outages caused by extreme temperatures.”

This program will prove homeowners a rebate that will cover $...