2017 Green Solar Technologies Completed Solar Power System Installations

Posted on Jan 4, 2017

Green Solar Technologies | Nationwide Solar Power System Installers

Explore our most recent nationwide solar panel installations here , and don’t miss out on our new year special. Receive $1000 cash back when your installation is complete. Green Solar Technologies solar power systems are high-performance, superior quality, and made in the USA with a 25 year warranty. Predictable energy costs, and immediate savings on your utility bill guarantee that this is a sound investment. Solar power is the cleanest source of energy, requiring low maintenance, and will significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Make the switch to solar power today and lock in your energy rates for years to come.

2016 Green Solar Technologies Holiday Party

Posted on Dec 29, 2016

Green Solar Technologies 2016 Holiday Party!

This year our staff gathered together at Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills for a spectacular evening of fine food and drink, comedy and raffle prizes. We celebrated our growth in sales , as well as our company size . It was a special evening of appreciation. Together we have achieved so much through the commitment and dedication of our passionate employees. T he year 2017 will be exciting for all of us at Green Solar Technologies. All of us at Green Solar Technologies wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!

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December 2016 Nationwide Solar Panel Installations by Green Solar Technologies.

Posted on Dec 12, 2016

Featuring installations in California, Arizona, Texas and more.

We are happy to welcome our new customers to our solar family!

Green Solar Technologies is a full-service solar company offering great solar products made in the USA. Our solar specialists and project managers keep the customer experience pleasant with reliable contractors, financing, 25 year warranty, solar panel monitoring, and even roof repair. GST also offers a $1000 reward for referring new customers. Every customer has a unique set of financial goals, and our free quote helps our customers decide how financing options will acquire returns on their solar investment. As a nationwide company, Green Solar Technologies includes state specific and federal incentives from the very start in our free quote .

Green Solar Technologies releases First Half of 2016 Results

Posted on Oct 27, 2016

At a shareholder meeting in Los Angeles on September 2, 2016, Green Solar Technologies announced stellar results for the First Half of 2016 The leading nation-wide solar installation company reported strong sales growth in key markets, an impressive expansion in its nationwide partnerships, and robust increase in both revenue and profits.

Commenting on the results, Mr. Edward Harner, Chief Operating Officer of GST, said:

“We are very happy with our performance so far this year. We’ve managed to outperform our expectations in both our expansion efforts, as well as our sales projections.

Growing our business in CO, TX and NC was crucial for us because of the challenges we faced last year with NV Energy in Nevada – one of our biggest markets at the time. Our Nevada business effectively ground to a halt, so, we made it a priority to increase our presence in other key...

Green Solar Technologies, a Top Nationwide Solar Company, Expanding to Texas

Posted on Sep 20, 2016

Green Solar Technologies will be opening its 5th office in Dallas, Texas this summer. The Dallas office will continue GST’s goal of providing solar power to families and businesses in its region.

DALLAS, Texas (PRWEB) July 26, 2016

Green Solar Technologies, a leading energy technology company, announced their expansion into the Texas market to help home- and business-owners gain energy independence with high-quality American-made solar panels. The company, headquartered in Los Angeles with subsidiaries in San Jose and San Diego, is best known for its affordable rates and innovative strategies that help customers cut their electricity costs immediately and own their systems outright, rather than just buying their electricity from a utility or solar provider.

‘Texas is a great state and we are planning on bringing green energy and jobs to the community’, said Nicki Zvik...

Solar PV recycling offers significant untapped business opportunity

Posted on Jul 1, 2016

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) boom currently underway will represent a significant untapped business opportunity as decommissioned solar panels enter the waste stream in the years ahead, according to a report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS).

The report, End-of-Life Management: Solar Photovoltaic Panels, is the first-ever projection of PV panel waste volumes to 2050 and highlights that recycling or repurposing solar PV panels at the end of their roughly 30-year lifetime can unlock a large stock of raw materials and other valuable components.

It estimates that PV panel waste, comprised mostly of glass, could total 78 million tonnes globally by 2050. If fully injected back into the economy, the value of the recovered material could exceed USD 15...

Sun-powered solar impulse 2 aircraft in New York after statute of liberty fly-by

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft landed in New York early Saturday, after flying by the Statue of Liberty at the end of the US portion of its bid to circle the globe using only solar power.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg said over a live video feed as the iconic statue lit up the night below him. “It’s a dream here.”

The light, slow-moving aircraft later landed at New York’s Kennedy Airport, completing the five hour flight from Lehigh Valley Airport in Pennsylvania.

Cameras in a boat in New York harbor captured the innovative solar powered aircraft as it flew over the Verrazano Bridge and headed toward the towering Lady Liberty.

It circled the statue and cruised along the Manhattan skyline before turning back south for the landing at Kennedy, one minute ahead of schedule at 3:59 am (0759 GMT).

Ending the US crossing at...