We all aspire to achieve the American dream. Owning our own property with pride and gaining as much financial independence and freedom of life as possible. Part of this dream is peace of mind and convenience. But what good is this dream when issues arise and we can't enjoy the fruit of our hard work?  


Let's face it, as the saying goes, you often get what you pay for. There's no easy way around it.  Same applies when it comes to your decision to go solar. An example that comes to mind is cellular plans. We all know which companies offer the best programs—not the cheapest, but simply the best. These are Verizon and AT&T. Sure you can go to Sprint and save a few bucks, but you lose the ability to use data while on a call. Then you can buy a plan with a company like Metro PCS. If you do, good luck streaming that game or your favorite show without without endless buffering and slowdowns throughout.  


The more a company cuts corners on costs, the more you as a consumer stand to lose. Now consider that this is for most of us, something we attach to the roof of our biggest investment, the place we spend the most time, time with our loved ones and our family, our precious home.  


I can't imagine why anyone would want to cut corners when it comes to their home. The place where we spend so much of our lives and where we raise our families. The only feeling we should want to get out of our homes is peace of mind. Doing business with Green Solar Technologies, will give you the best opportunity to do just that.  


Peace of mind is dealing with one of the largest solar installers in our proud nation. A company that educates all their staff to ensure you get the best system and best quality and service imaginable when dealing with contractors and tight schedules. A company with an engineering department that reviews all systems to make sure we build a solar energy system that is most efficient for your home.  


Having great reviews is something we pride ourselves on. This didn't come easily, but after many years and 1000s of happy clients we've helped transition to solar, we've come to develop and do our best to build our brand to be a pillar in the solar industry.  


In order to do that, we've extended our warranties on our SolarEdge optimizers and inverters past the 12 year manufacture warranty, to a total of 25 years. The same warranty as our partners at Mission Solar, based in San Antonio, Texas. Mission Solar is a strictly American-made solar panel manufacturer that supplies us with the best Panels in the industry. To make sure our clients can enjoy the full benefits of our systems without any hassles, we've insured to take care of all future maintenance of everything in their solar energy system for the next 25 years. All this for peace of mind, these are our homes, and we shouldn't accept anything less than that.  


Our warranties include everything from all the equipment, the labor, the workmanship, installation and all future maintenance and troubleshooting for 25 total years. That's until the year 2043 if you installed this year (for those who are counting). So even though you and I might not be here then, your solar energy system still will, and that is priceless.  


We simply refuse to cut corners for your benefit. We work with the best local contractors we can find. We find the best products for your homes. We do our best to make the transition to solar be as fun and painless as possible.  


Any company that doesn't offer all of the above details simply shouldn't be an option to an educated and proud homeowner. As you know, this isn't just a cellular plan that if we aren't happy we can switch in a year or two. This is our precious home, the place we plan to retire and enjoy our lives with peace of mind and convenience.  

All warranties are backed by Powerguard as a third party insurance.

Nov 20, 2018 By Yaniv Hamudot