SEIA Solar Permitting Process

The focus of a new initiative in the U.S. will be its $1 per Watt soft costs for residential PV systems.  The Solar Foundation and The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) are set to activate the new Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP) program on the first day of the SPI 2018 event.

The goal of this initiative is to reduce financial stagnation and processing difficulties with regards to permitting and inspections for both solar production and energy storage. It will include a new certification process for installers and for key components which is intended to make the process more fluid for homeowners.

“The solar permitting process could greatly benefit with attention to what is causing delays and difficulty during the solar panel installation process. By reforming this process, solar will become more convenient and affordable, especially for homeowners on the fence about making the switch,” said Geddy Friedman of Marketing and Reputation Management.

A simpler certification protocol will be provided to local authorities which will help to speed to screening and approval of installations. This will be accomplished by a process of certifying the installers themselves. Projects by already-approved installers will thereby benefit with automatic approval.

Geddy Friedman continued, “Due to the inconsistent permitting procedures and standards across the U.S., there has been gridlock, especially for national installers who have to abide by the procedural laws of various localities. We are optimistic that a new and better process will benefit Green Solar Technologies and the solar industry at large by making the permitting experience quicker, more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective in helping America become a greener nation.”

This initiative will be assisted by the administrator who will be available to authorities running into technical quagmires. Guidelines on system design will be provided by SolarAPP.


Oct 1, 2018 By Jorge