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At Green Solar Technologies, we take pride in being one of the Top National Installers of solar in the Unites States. From coast to coast, we make the solar process the way it should be—simple and convenient. No need to hop from one company to next to make the transition to solar. We provide home and business owners the entire solar experience. From solar technology education to system design, from financing to permitting and installation itself—we handle it all so you don’t have to. No matter where you are the nation, we are there with you every step of the way. We understand that going solar is life-changing. You are freeing yourself from the burden of paying the utilities companies for the rest of your life—a very big decision—and we believe in making it a smooth and positive experience from start to finish.

In this blog, I’d like to share with you some of our great installation projects. But before I do so, please allow me to offer something very special for those of you still relatively new to solar. If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a solar energy system for your home or business but don’t know too much about it yet, you probably have a lot of questions. Well, you’re in luck! We have an extended FAQ resource just for you. It will answer most of your questions up front. Simply go to SOLAR POWER 101: PART 1 and SOLAR POWER 101: PART 2 to fast-track your knowledge about solar. You see that? The education has already begun!

OK. If you’re still reading this, I will assume you have already checked out aforementioned FAQ resource, have a good working knowledge about solar, and are now ready to see some of the installations that we’ve done. Here we go . . .


The first installation featured here is a happy couple from De Soto, MO. Craig and Cathleen Blackey were looking for alternative means to save on their electricity bills. Between solar and wind, solar seemed more reasonable. They were skeptical at first with the process, but saw that the BBB gave us a great rating, that we were listed as one of the top 100 solar companies, and that we donate to St. Jude for every installation. They were glad they went ahead with the transition because their experience was successful with every step of the way. All permitting, financing, and the installation was taken care of. Mrs. And Mrs. Blackey were also happy that they didn't have to put down a chunk of money to go solar. Smooth and easy process, as it should be.

Next, we have a ground-mounted solar panel installation in Silver City, NM. Mr. Wood was pleased that his project manager was very informative and kept him up to speed on everything as far as the timeline and when they job was going to start. The installation team provided great attention to detail with their work, tailoring the installation to best harness the sun. The entire experience was transformative and liberating. Mr. Wood has already recommended Green Solar Technologies to some friends and let them know that he is saving a lot of money already going solar.

For good measure, let’s also visit the Larsons in McAllen, TX. John and his wife have a beautiful roof mount system that is saving them money every day. From the initial sales call, to the purchase, to the installers coming out and measuring the work-space needed . . . everything was handled in a fast, smooth, and professional manner. They have turned their home into a solar powerhouse. Just another example of what it means to go green with Green Solar Technologies.


We have a virtually endless supply of success stories like these. To check out more outstanding installation projects and customer testimonials, visit our Green Solar Technologies Reviews page.

To get the solar process started for you, call (844) SOL-TECH, come over to our quick quote page, or chat at our website with an agent (chat box at the bottom right-hand corner of the page) who can answer some of your upfront questions and arrange your free solar consultation for you.

by Ged Friedman

Nov 30, 2017 By Jorge