The holidays are upon us, and it's often a time of excessive spending when it comes to gifts, dinners, travel and other expenses that the season brings. According to The American Research Group, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the average American will spend almost $1,000 on holiday gifts alone. 

This time of year, many are seeking a convenient “side-hustle” to supplement their income to help cover holiday expenses. The Green Solar Technologies Ambassador program offers one of the easiest and most lucrative side-hustle opportunities available anywhere! Ambassadors can utilize their social media and other networking contacts to spread the word on solar energy and it’s extremely attractive money-saving benefits. With very little effort, interested solar prospects are connected with Green Solar Technologies and Ambassadors are paid $1000 for each lead that becomes an installation as well as $50 each just for presenting a qualified lead.

There’s absolutely no catch or cost to Ambassadors for participating in this rewarding referral program. After connecting with the referred prospect, Green Solar Technologies takes care of the entire process including an official presentation, contracting, financing, site inspection, permitting, project management, installation and a lifetime of customer service support.

Although commissions earned from becoming a Solar Ambassador can go a long way to help offset holiday spending, after discovering the ease of how the program works, most choose to turn their solar marketing business into an opportunity to supplement their income all year long.

With Green Solar Technologies being one of the largest and highest rated solar installation companies in the country with years of experience in installing only American-made solar panels, Ambassadors can be comfortable and confident that prospects they refer will be well taken care of.  To learn more about the Ambassador program and register, visit

Dec 10, 2018 By John Harper