Green Solar Technologies wants to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best, which is why we use LG solar panels. Aside from their polished, sleek appearance, LG solar panels are constructed with the latest technology. They outperform other brands in terms of efficiency, durability, and energy production. Providing maximum value and performance, the LG NeON® series features the industry's highest standards for energy output and efficiency. We are proud to be a Platinum Tier of LG PRO: Solar.

If you’re not yet convinced that LG Solar is the best choice for when you make the switch, check out these 25 reasons to go solar with LG:


1. LG is a bankable brand, and bankability is critical in the solar industry. LG is proud of our six decades of experience in innovation and manufacturing in diverse global markets. Consumers worldwide know they can trust LG. Our solar modules are the result of thirty years of research, development, testing, and manufacturing. We are constantly innovating to come up with the best solar technologies to meet our customers’ needs. When you go solar with LG, you have peace of mind. As a multi-billion dollar company with a reliable track record, we will be here for every year of the 25-year warranties that back our solar modules—and for years beyond that.

2. LG is a Tier 1 Solar Manufacturer. Bloomberg New Energy Finance recognized LG as a Tier 1 Solar Manufacturer in 2019. Bloomberg’s Tier 1 rating is widely regarded within the industry as a measure of a manufacturer’s bankability. So, you don’t have to take our word for it – financial experts rank LG Solar as among the strongest companies in the solar industry today.

3. LG Solar’s technology wins awards. LG is a company driven by the desire to innovate and develop cutting-edge technologies. Our technological advances in the solar industry have been honored with a number of awards, including Intersolar Awards for our Cello Technology™ and BiFacial technology. Our NeON® R modules won a Judges’ Choice Award from Energy Manager Today in 2018. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized LG with the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence Award the same year. We won’t rest on these laurels. We continue to develop new, groundbreaking technologies to improve our modules’ performance.

4. We’ve got the NeON® 2. Our best-selling NeON® 2 modules are among the most popular residential solar modules in the United States today. They feature award-winning Cello Technology™, which uses 12 thin wires in each cell instead of the usual large 3-5 busbars. The circular wires scatter light more efficiently than conventional flat wiring. The technology also makes the modules less vulnerable to power losses due to microcracks. You can actually see the difference with Cello Technology™ because it provides a uniform, more pleasing appearance.

5. We’ve also got the NeON® R. Looking for a premium module that generates even more energy than our powerful NeON® 2? The NeON® R features our Back Contact Technology, which locates all of the electrodes on the backside of the module. This eliminates shading on the front side of the cells.

6. We’ve got BiFacial modules, too. If your project calls for tilted modules on the ground, a patio awning or roof, and you plan to use pole mounts or ballasted systems, our BiFacial modules provide the technology you need to increase sunlight absorption. The double-sided cell structure and transparent backsheet enable light absorption from both the front and back of the cells. This way, reflected light can also be captured to generate energy.

7. All LG Solar modules are designed for high efficiency. LG Solar provides high-efficiency modules that generate more power from the same amount of sunlight than lower-efficiency modules of the same size. That extra efficiency enables the modules to produce the same amount of energy with 60 cells as many modules produce with 72 cells. High-efficiency modules are an advantage on smaller roofs or on roofs that experience some shading. They can also leave room for array expansion in the future.

8. Our modules have a low LID (Light Induced Degradation) rating. Most solar modules experience some degradation when they are first exposed to sunlight. In P-type modules, this occurs when oxygen interacts with the boron in the cells. This process is referred to as LID (Light Induced Degradation) and can significantly decrease the power output of the modules over their lifetime. LG Solar modules are produced with N-type wafers that are based on phosphorus, so they experience extremely low LID. In fact, our BiFacial modules experience near-zero LID.

9. LG has developed modules that produce power during the late afternoon hours, when you are most likely to be home using appliances. If your utility charges Time-of-Use rates, electricity from the grid might cost more in the late afternoons, so our modules will save you even more money.

10. Hot days are no problem for LG Solar. Solar modules usually generate less power as they get hotter. On a hot summer day, modules can reach temperatures as high as 158°F and experience a significant performance loss. LG NeON® 2 and NeON® R modules have very low-temperature coefficients, meaning they perform better in high-temperature conditions than modules with higher temperature coefficients.

11. We guarantee extremely low long-term degradation rates. All solar modules generate less power over time due to expected degradation rates. However, LG Solar modules are designed to achieve extremely low degradation rates. Any small percentage of power adds up to savings over time, so our low degradation rates mean greater financial savings over the lifetime of your system.

12. The NeON® 2’s double-sided cell structure. LG Solar’s NeON® 2 modules have a double-sided cell structure that enables our modules to capture light and generate energy from both the front and back. In the mornings and evenings, when the angle of light is lower, the NeON® 2 will capture more energy than most other brands’ modules that capture light only from the front.

13. LG Solar’s NeON® R V5 Modules Offer Improved Power Output and Performance. LG Solar’s NeON® R V5 modules feature a higher power output, an improved temperature coefficient, and a lower annual degradation rate than our previous A5 modules. LG Solar continuously strives to improve our solar technologies to provide better performance for our customers.

14. You’ll achieve greater long-term savings thanks to the combination of all these factors. High efficiency. High power output. Low temperature coefficients. Low LID. Great performance in the early mornings and late afternoons. Low long-term degradation rates. Resistance to micro-cracks and finger electrode erosion. All of these factors work together to provide greater long-term savings than modules that offer just one, or even a few, of these advantages.​

15. Our modules are lightweight, yet durable. LG 60-cell solar modules weigh less than 40 pounds, yet they are highly stable. Lower weight means less stress on your roof without losing any of the performance capability of our high power output modules.

16. We stand by the quality of our components. Every component of our solar modules is of high quality. For example, we use quality junction boxes that are highly water-resistant and premium Swiss MC4 module connector plugs.

17. Your system will stand up to tough weather. LG Solar modules are highly durable. They’re built to withstand rain, snow, hail, humidity, and other challenging weather conditions. We test every module against these conditions in our in-house testing laboratory.

18. Your system is designed to stand up to a hurricane. LG Solar modules are characterized by their maximum load capacity. They feature a durable double-walled frame that can withstand a front load of 5400 Pa (Pascal) and Rear Load of 4000 Pa. This arms them to withstand even hurricane-force winds.

19. Your system will resist a fire threat, too. All LG modules pass fire safety tests. Each module contains flame-retardant material. Our standards are in accordance with the NEC (National Electric Code) and IBC (International Building Code). We want you and your home to be safe.

20. Is every module tested? Yes. Before any LG Solar module leaves our factory, it undergoes a broad range of tests that guarantee high-level performance. All tests are carried out in our own in-house testing laboratory. Our lab satisfies all requirements for the latest test procedures. We’re not fooling around; every LG Solar module meets very stringent industry requirements.

21. NeON® 2 solar modules are assembled in the United States. LG is committed to investing in the United States economy and workforce. We recently opened a solar module assembly plant in Huntsville, Alabama that created 160 new jobs. We are proud that 500 MegaWatts of LG NeON® 2 modules are now being manufactured annually in the United States. 

22. LG Solar warranties are among the strongest in the industry. LG solar modules are backed by a limited 25-year warranty. Not only do we offer product and performance coverage, but we also cover up to $450 in labor costs in the rare case that a module needs repair or replacement.

23. We work with trusted solar installation companies in your community. LG Solar has developed a network of reputable installation companies known as LG PROs. These local installers are trained to install our products, and they are knowledgeable about the sunlight and permit conditions in their local communities. In addition, they help our customers obtain the best local, state, and federal rebates or incentives to help offset the cost of going solar.

24. LG shares your commitment to environmental protection and sustainable communities. When you purchase LG Solar modules, you can feel good about buying from a company that shares your environmental commitment and concerns. LG globally has committed to three overarching goals: intelligent lifestyle, realizing a zero-carbon and circular economy, and creating a better society. One of the steps we’ve taken is to follow sustainable practices in our solar manufacturing facilities. No ozone-depleting substances are used in the manufacturing of our modules. There are no ozone-depleting materials in our manufacturing supply chain, either.

25. We talk the talk, and we walk the walk. In 2014, LG installed 3.2MW of solar power (more than 11,000 LG Solar modules) on the roof of our solar factory in Gumi, South Korea. We have installed more than 18MW of solar modules across our manufacturing facilities in Korea, including electrical appliances and battery factories. We don’t just want you to go solar with LG; we are doing it, too.

LG Solar takes pride in producing high-quality, premium solar modules. The sun gives us the gift of solar energy, they want to deliver that gift across the globe. When you go solar, ask for the brand you can trust: LG Solar. 

As an LG PRO Platinum Installer, we can provide you with LG’s solar products like the LG NeON® panel series and the LG Chem solar battery. Contact us to learn more about LG Solar and to get a free customized solar quote from one of our energy advisors! Click to set up your virtual consultation today:

May 12, 2020 By Emily Jackowitz